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Linetta Schneller - teacher in Chur/Switzerland for many years - has made it her duty to support Ethiopian rural schools in need and to provide their pupils with books, school material, school fees etc., independent, targeted, committed and in direct collaboration with local schools and teachers, with school- and parent committees and domestic volunteers. 

Aware that support can not be provided everywhere needed, this comittment is limited itself to small, well manageable projects which she personally knows, evaluates and manages herself. She knows the concrete circumstances of all her projects and is in direct contact with all exponents and individuals concerned. All this assures direct, targeted and absolutely non-bureaucratic support and help.
Already realized projects proove that such support reaches schools and pupils in need without intervention or delay. 

Linetta Schneller is personally responsible for all funds in order to use them a hundred percent properly. She executes and realizes all projects by herself to make sure that every and each cent of donations reaches the place of destination, that evaluation, acquisitions and transport go smoothly and directly. 

All generated expenses such as travel and administrative costs are covered by her personally so that all funds and money is solely and exclusively the benefit of the Temari (pupils). ethiopia P1050795 photo linetta schnellerphoto: Mechare School, parents and school committee / February 2015

On behalf of these supported schools and pupils, their teachers and parents, many thanks for your support - support which enables Temari pupils to "grow their wings"! 

በጣም አመሰግናለሁን  

Betam amesegnalehu - Many thanks!



Temari School Projects Ethiopia
Linetta Schneller / Switzerland

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