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project infos 2022 and 2023/24 

for project infos 2022 and 2023/24 please see here.


December 2021 - a new challenge - a new strategy

In the last year, many Ethiopians have suddenly found themselves homeless and refugees in their own country.  Thousands of these are vulnerable women and their children who have lost everything. 

Temariproject is responding to this tragedy with a change of direction to focus on the most vulnerable.
Our aim is to help such internally displaced women to create sustainable and independent incomes so they can look after themselves and their families. 

We currently have enough funds to start with a very small number of widows. Based on the results of these early efforts, we hope to offer this opportunity to more families in need. 

If you would like to be kept up to date on our progress please email us on
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• Update projects - situation under Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic means that planned projects cannot be carried out this year. However, postphoned is not cancelled! There is hope that by 2022/23 the situation will be much more stable and we will be able to continue our work.


School Year 2020/21 - School projects are being prepared

Doing projects with female school principals has proven to be successful in the past. That is one of the reasons why this time such projects will be prioritized.


• July 2018  -  four school projects: Rasalula, Abeyschola, Tukkur Bahar and Tesfay Georgis

This year Linetta Schneller was able to supply four very needy rural schools with necessary school and teaching materials. The logistical challenges of transporting so much material from the capital Addis Ababa to the bookshelves of the individual schools are not to be underestimated. Summertime - in the highlands of Ethiopia there is rainy season! - was a special challenge ...
But ultimately, all the necessary challenges could be mastered with the necessary perseverance, tenacity and patience. The one hundred and five boxes of textbooks, notebooks, pens, sports and teaching materials have now arrived at the place of their destination.
All donors should be gratefully acknowledged and assured: Your donation has arrived on the bookshelves of these four underprivileged Ethiopian rural schools - thanks to all of you!

By name and in detail it were the following village schools:

Rasalula Elementary School: 
Located on top of a hill about 2500m above sea level, this primary school runs classes from 1 up to 4 and has four teachers, three of them female teachers. The Temari (pupils) come from a radius of 10 kilometers over hills and mountains to school. The village community is about to set up a small library with voluntary contribution by the villagers and community. Now the Ras Alula School has received enough notebooks, study and teaching materials, but no books yet. The school will then receive it in a coming year, when the library (building and bookshelves) will be completed and ready.
The joy of the received notebooks, pens and the teaching material was very big! Until now, poor children had to stay away from lessons because they lack exercice books and a pencil. How can it be? From now on no child has to stay home for lack of needed school materials!©-inetta-schneller.JPGphoto © Linetta Schneller: Rasalula-School / July 2018


Abeyschola Elementary School:
This elementary school (grades 1 to 4) is located in the mountains. Village and school can only be reached on foot. The trail leads along and through the creek bed, past threshing peasants, skinny cows and prickly pears. 240 children go to school here. The representatives of the parents and the village community are committed. Books, exercise books and other material will definitely be in good hands at the Abeyschola School.
Many cartons of books and material were transported by camel to school. The farmers (parents of the Temari/ pupils) packed their friendly animals and together they went uphill to Abeyschola.©-linetta-schneller.jpg
photo © Linetta Schneller: 'books-taxi' to Abeyschola / July 2018


Tukkur Bahar School:
Tukkur Bahar is located at over 3000m. The area is barren and rough. There is only grass here, for grain and other cereal the land is too high. Life here is hard, people tough and reserved. Eventhough the population misses a lot, there will be now no longer a lack of books and school supplies for their children! A large load of books, exercice books and other material was brought to Tukkur Bahar (grade 1 up to grade 8) with a rainy-season-qualified 4x4. The last distance had to be done on foot. Fathers of the pupils shouldered the cartons and carried them to the school building, just in time before the rain started again.

This school has an interested and dedicated PTA (Parents Teacher Association). This is great because children urgently need motivation and support from their parents. Appreciation on the part of adults is essential to progress in school.©-linetta-schneller.JPG
photo © Linetta Schneller: fathers of pupils carry the books  / Juli 2018 


Tesfay Georgis School:
This elementary school in the highlands is at some distance from the last with four-wheel still passable natural road. Fathers, mothers, and older students helped carry the heavy cartons of materials over the highlands to the Tesfay Georgis School.
The school is very modestly equipped. But Tesfay Georgis School makes a neat impression and seems to be well maintained. One more reason to bring these secluded school books for their little library and material for their pupils.
The gratefulness on site was great - and when the children got a few games and sports material, even more.©-linetta-schneller.JPGphoto © Linetta Schneller: 'library' of Tesfay Georgis School (over 3000 m) / July 2018


• July 2018 - school project Meskoa Genet 

Linetta Schneller travelled to northeastern Ethiopia last July to supply the rural Gebriel Elementary School and the remote Meskoa Genet School with books and school material. 

Meskoa Genet is at about 3'300 meters above sea level amidst the hills and mountains of the Ethiopian highlands. Currently there are 729 children (339 girls and 390 boys) taught by 6 female and 14 male teachers.

No road leads there, only a steep, narrow footpath. In the dry season it is rocky and dusty, in the rainy season slippery and accordingly dangerous.
The resident population lives on agriculture (subsistence farming), as their ancestors have done for centuries. The achievements of the modern world, such as the supply of electricity, have not yet arrived in this area. At first glance, this seems idyllic, but the reality is tough and people have to do without much.

The book transport to Meskoa Genet was exhausting, adventurous and exciting at the same time. There was only a single donkey in the area for transport - and so the highland farmers (parents of the Temari) hunched the heavy boxes themselves - and this in a hurry, despite the not to be underestimated weight and impassability - effort and struggle are part of ther daily life since their childhood.

The new school year, starting in September, the Temari will start with many new textbooks, enough notebooks and modern learning materials! Therefore to all donors a heartfelt thank you! © Linetta Schneller: book- & material transport to Meskoa Genet / July 2017 


• October 2016 - Temariproject got official recognition

In October, "Temari School Projects Ethiopia" got official recognition of  the "regional directory on the deductibility of voluntary contributions".
This is very pleasing as it will benefit all donors by making their contributions from now on tax-deductible.


• January 2016 - school project Senbeta

Last January, Linetta Schneller traveled to southwestern Ethiopia, where she was able to supply the Senbeta school urgently needed school and teaching materials as well as sports materials.

Senbeta teaches more than a thousand children, from kindergarten through primary school to high school. The school is secluded, just under 50 km from the next largest connecting road. The Senbeta School has been extremely modest, poorly endowed and has now been supplied with a large load of teaching materials for various school subjects, writing and teaching materials, sports and games articles and sitting / lying mats for the most miserably equipped kindergarten.

All gifts were extremely grateful and glad accepted by children, school commitee, teachers and parents. The arrival of the material was a major event for the populationof Senbeta that is used to shortage and deprivation. - Linetta-faster-IMG_1714-002.JPGphoto © Linetta Schneller: Temari-girls, Senbeta / January 2016

On behalf of these supported schools and pupils, their teachers and parents, many thanks for your support - support which enables Temari pupils to "grow their wings"! 

በጣም አመሰግናለሁን  

Betam amesegnalehu - Many thanks!



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